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Data Collector for Remote Reading System

 The Meter Acquisition Unit is a device which is developed by Radarking Electronics Corp. ,is use for field data collection of RS485 Interface Meter Reading System. It is responsible for gathering code data of intelligence meter, then transfer it to DCU through the RS485 bus or power line a smart electricity meter with RS485 and power line carrier communication interface upstream. 

It  has four communication interface:

1.RS485 communication interface uplink

2. power line carrier interface (connected to the DCU) uplink

3. RS485 bus communication interface (connected to the power meter) downlink

4.IR infrared communication interface (for local copy of data and collector set)


1. Storage Capacity

Each Meter Acquisition Unit can read maximum number of meter is 128 pcs, On the basis of the maximum number, the unit can store at least 60 days freezing electricity at 00:00, and 6 months freezing consumption at 00:00 of the end of each month.

2. Re-collection and alarm

The Meter Acquisition Unit is able to re-collect the failed reading data within the defined interval. In the case of the re-collection is failed, the Unit will alarm to Master station.

3. Self-diagnosis and exception logging

The unit is capable of automatic self-test, if there is any problem, the unit will record it while alarm to Master station.

4. Safety

The design of the unit is reliable has reliable which provides the security measures to prevent unauthorized personnel to set parameters.

The Unit has the capacity of storage of the lately 1500 event logs.


5. Remote control function

The unit can power off the meter according the command from master station, if there is a relay in the meter

6. Remote upgrade function


The Meter Acquisition Unit is equipped with the function to upgrade application remotely.



Technical Parameter:

Operating voltage:  single phase 220VAC ± 30%


Operating frequency:  50Hz ± 5%


Active power (without communicating) ≤ 1.2W


Apparent power ≤ 10VA


Operating temperature: -25 °C ~ +55 °C


Storage temperature: -40 °C ~ +80 °C


Relative humidity≤ 95%


Radiated electromagnetic field immunity: 80MHz-1000MHz,


field strength 10V / m


ESD immunity> 8kV


Surge immunity> 4.0kV


Fast electrical pulse immunity> 4.0Kv


Life> 15 years


Security: the PC alloy shell fire


Dimensions: 159mm × 109mm × 54mm

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