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STS Three Phase Split Keypad Prepayment Energy Meter


The DTSY150-S offers options for extended surge protection for lightening up to 13Kv with a bulid-in 6.5kA VDR and a wide voltage working range. It is intended for unstable grid voltage environment such as African and Central American continent where brownouts and voltage dips are extremely freuquent. The meter works in a three phase four wire or three wire(optional) network with 100 Amp per phase, and 30Vm withstand of RF immunity, allowing it to operate in very severe environments. It is a perfect revenue protection device for sub-metering of residential, light commercial and industrial applications. 


Functions and Features: 

1. 20 digit(Standard Transfer Specification) STS encryption

2. Maximum demand measurement and load profiling(on request)
3. Up to 13kV/6.5kA surge protection for lightenning and other line surges.
4. IR optical&RS485 port allowing data transmission.
5. disconnect on overload and no credit
6. prepayment and credit mode hot swap
7. programmable load limit and low credit warning
8. detection and record tamper event such as opening cover, reverse connection, black-out. 
9. Easy access to 12 months historical consumption data and last 5 token enter. 

10. Meter provides detailed power information such as phase voltage, current, total active power, reactive power, apparent power, total power factor, power grid frequency. 

AMI&AMR Smart Metering Function(On Request):

1.Available with User Interface Unit( UIU) for split type connection.

2. PLC/RF/GPRS communication with head-end AMR/AMI server.

3. Time of Use(TOU), 4 tariffs/8 time divisions/ 100 holidays

4. Advanced load control, and disconnection features.

5.  DLMS/COSEM, IEC62056 protocol compliant. 



Technical Specification:


1. Standard: IEC62052-11. IEC62056-21, IEC62056-21

2. Voltage: 3*220V/230V/240V(based on request)

3. Current: 3* 1.5(6)A, 5(20)A, 5(30)A, 5(40)A, 5(60)A, 10(40)A, 10(60)A, 15(60)A, 20(80)A, 30(100)A.

4. Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz

5. Accuracy class: 1.0(active energy); 2.0(reactive energy)

6. Pulse Constant:(imp/kwh): 6400, 3200, 2400, 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200

7. Power consumption in voltage circuit: <2W, <8VA

8. Power consumption in current circuit:  <1VA

9. Temperature range:

Operation: -25℃to +70℃

Storage: -40℃to +85℃

10. Meter Shell Protection Rate: IP54


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